Passing by
Chamni Thipmanee


Many things in our life pass us by, moment by moment, or to be exact, second by second, without us noticing them.

Our childhood is made up of fragments of memories, piece by piece, we string them together in order to see the big picture. When we grow up, more fragments are put together, and our picture bigger.

Life is continuous, impermanent and never stand still. As we walk through time, we pick up those detail and realize how time has left us behind.

Without an eye for observation, one will not see the picture in grand detail.

And through the eyes of Chamni Thipmanee, I certainly see a lot more than the others. His work captures not just human existence, but also a sense of time.

The facial expression of his subject always tells a story, a story that is not written on the face, but comes from within the soul. Even a close up of a pair of hands, a pile of fishes, or a deserted landscape evokes a story. I cannot help but recall all the stories imaginable.

The great French photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson, once said: “To capture just the facial expression is useless, to capture the emotion inside the soul is what matters.”

This sums up Chamni Thipmanee’s work in a sentence.

Vancelee Teng
Curator / Writer / Creative Director
Feb 2016, Bangkok