Chamni Thipmanee

Chamni Thipmanee was born in Songkla. He grew up in Moo Baan Klong Nok Krathung, Tambon Thachang which later became Bangklam district, and is known by this name today. He was interested in photography since he was a young boy.

His childhood dream came true when he was able to enter the Institute de Europe in Rome, Italy in 1982, from where he went on to explore and experience Europe where he fell deeply in love with photography.

After completing his stint in Italy, Chamni returned to Thailand and continued his career as an advertising photographer at Central department store where he worked as a freelancephotographer for the next two years.

In 1992 he decided to establish a photo production studio for advertising under the name of Chamni’s Eye co.,ltd. The company is over 20 years now and works with many of the established names in the advertising industry such as Ogilvy & Mather, J. Walter Thomopson, Lowe Worldwide, Grey Worldwide, Mccann Erickson, Saatchi & Saatchi, TBWA, Yong & Rubicam, Publicis, Leo Burnett, Dentsu, to name a few. Over the years it has grown and has now expanded, with a company in Ho Chi Min City in Vietnam, which is called Professional Image Co. Ltd.

Whenever he gets an opportunity he spends time roaming the streets with his camera, and his specialty is doing portrait and candid shots of people. He loves capturing special moments which reflect social behavior but at the same time having a conceptual idea.

He has gained fame in his work and has been invited to do many projects in many markets, and has published many books as well. He has also showcased his work at many exhibitions both in Thailand and abroad.

Collective Exhibitions

1993 • “The Art of Fixing A Shadow” (Nautilus Group), the British Council, Bangkok
1995 • “Alternative Original” (Nautilus Group), World Trade Center, Bangkok
1996 • “50 Years Jubilee of the King of Thailand”, the Tourism Authority of Thailand
1999 • “Leica The Camera”, the Thai Leica Society, Bangkok
• “Show Off” (Nautilus Group), Surat Gallery, Bangkok

Solo Exhibitions

1992 • “Warm Up”, Thonglor Gallery, Bangkok
1998 • “Unlimited” (Chamni’s Eye by Chamni), About Cafe, Bangkok
2001 • “Face of the Century”, Palestrina Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Rome, Italy
• ”FACE (IT)”, Rare Art Gallery, Bangkok
2002 • “Art Hypothesis”, Tonkaew Art Gallery, Bangkok
2005 • “The 3rd Eyes Open”, the Oriental Hotel, Bangkok
• “Human Expression: Exploring Life and Form through Photography”, Playground Thonglor, Bangkok
2006 • “Best of the 9 Photographers”, the Ogilvy Gallery, Bangkok
2008 • “Faces 2 Places”, Playground Thonglor, Bangkok
• Through the Lens 2006 “Tranquil Coup d’Etat” presented by The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand, The National Gallery, Bangkok
• “Chamni by Chance”, house RCA, Bangkok
• “Wild Light”, The Library, Bangkok
• “Faces of Thailand”, Berne, Switzerland
• “Faces of Thailand”, Shanghai, China
2010 • “Thai Select”, Zurich, Switzerland

Books and Other Publications

1995 • “Passport” by Chamni
1996 • “People” published in The Leica Magic Moment of Thailand Newsletter, the Thai Leica Society
2000 • “Show Off” (Nautilus Group)
• “People” published in the Rollei Newsletter of London, The International RolleiClub
2001 • “Leica Italia Publish”
2004 • Member of the Royal Photographic Society of Thailand
2006 • Article “Who’s hot?” published in Korea AD Information 2006.09 no. 306